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yo give me your bandcamp fan id’s and let me scope your collections. 

SZA - “Julia”

Are you serious with shit?!  That hair! That face! Those thighs! This song!

This woman is both killing me and simultaneously making me stronger.  My ass is layin here watching this like “man I don’t need nobody I just gotta get on this level” 




Texas people: our buddy Anthony aka YBar has gone missing. If anyone has any info please let me know. Please boost this if you can. #texas #dallas #austin #houston #sanantonio #denton #help

Please boost the shit out of this. My pal Anthony Ybarra is missing. He has been reported to the police as a missing person. I am trying to find the case information now. No one has heard from him since Saturday night.
Please, if you have any information about him or think you have seen him, contact me or my friend rustinbonez or the Dallas PD if you are into cops.
Given some past information, I am seriously concerned about his safety. 

please boost


daily reminder to myself to keep my expectations low 

I have so much to give